Thursday, June 21, 2007

ESC! Magazine Spring 2007 (V11N1) - Podcast Edition

Thanks for subscribing to our show, Coffee House to Go! In the feed this week you'll find a special Podcast Edition of the Spring 2007 issue of ESC! Magazine.

All that's old is new again this issue thanks to the addition of Charles Ries as our Poetry Editor. Charles worked hard to present you with a fresh selection of poets both new and familiar this issue, including works by G. Scott Hughes, John Grey, E.V. Noechel, Ellaraine Lockie and Sharmagne Leland-St. John.

Co-host of our podcast, Coffee House to Go, LB Sedlacek kicks off the short fiction with her piece, "The Echo of Lima Beans". Reader favorite Bob Potocki contributes his story, "Remembrance" followed by Jonathan Scott's "Reception". I'm also proud to present the continuation of Angela Mankiewicz's short, "Laura Hanson's 1990".

With us since the beginning, Paul Tucker continues his illustrated story "Vex" on page 25 and Jonathan Scott's illustrations can be found within his own short story as well as this issue's cover.

In our Reading Lounge, Poetry Editor Charles Ries contributes a new chapbook review as well as an interview with author Michael Graves.

Get the Issue Here (PDF / 4.07MB)

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