Wednesday, February 21, 2007

CHTG: Writing News

First Annual WordLife Essay Contest sponsored by Urban Echoes Entertainment, LLC.
The contest is designed to spur original thought among today's youth, inviting them to consider the most pressing issues confronting their generation and transform their thoughts on those issues into action - thus bringing words to life.

Award Amounts: First Place – $200, iPod nano, & Publication
Second Place – $100 gift card to EB Games & Publication
Third Place – $50 gift card to Best Buy & Publication

This Year's Topic: "Who's Pimpin' My Generation...?"

Gangsters, pimps, hustlers, half-naked women – the images are all familiar. TV shows, movies, videos, video games – we’ve all seen how these representations of minority life and culture are celebrated in the media, but now the issue has gotten much more serious...with the
growing popularity of "Gangsta Parties" being held on college campuses across the country, these images have taken a turn for the worse, and are now being turned on those they supposedly represent. The real questions now are: who is responsible for the creation and
proliferation of these images? Are they exaggerated images that perpetuate age-old stereotypes, or do they really reflect a deeper reality?

Tell us your thoughts on the current state of hip-hop imagery – specifically addressing the following points:

- Who/Where does it really come from?
- How does it affect you personally?
- How does it reflect your generation in the eyes of overall society?
- How can the current tide of negative imagery be turned in a more
positive direction?

Contest open to 9th through 12th grade matriculated and home-schooled students who are U.S. citizens. Entry fee: $5. All essays must be the original sole work of the entrant. All essays must be postmarked no later than Friday, May 25th. Winners will be notified by no later than
Friday, July 13th.

Winners will be announced in July via nationwide press release, on Urban Echoes's website, and in Urban Echoes's quarterly newsletter. Urban Echoes will also make special announcements for school-wide distribution at winners' respective schools. Winners available by SASE if provided. All winners will receive a specially framed certificate, and all winning entries will be published on Urban Echoes's website, in Urban Echoes's quarterly newsletter, and in winners' respective local newspapers.

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