Thursday, January 04, 2007

CHTG News: Poetry Release

Assume Nothing Press has just released the ebook version
of "Peripheral Visions" by Scott Virtes. Virtes is the author
of numerous short stories, poems and books
and has put together a unique collection of 22 poems.

From the poem "the Bump":
"the inevitable Bump of people /
the body chase /
no way to know /
who you will end up loving, hating, /
living with, //

each encounter a chance /
quick summaries /
and thoughtless calculation, /
friend or foe in a moment, /
a week or month later//"
(Copyright 2006 Scott Virtes)

From the poem "the fire witch":
"I look into the fires, I see myself /
in the flame arms that dance /
so seductively."
(Copyright 2006 Scott Virtes)

Ebooks are $5 each and can be ordered at:

Please email:
Email The Poetry Market Ezine
if you'd prefer to make payment via snail mail.

Chapbook edition will be available soon.

ANP is the small press of The Poetry Market Ezine. ANP is currently
accepting poetry chapbook submissions and reads all year long.
But, ANP will only consider submissions which follow the guidelines
exactly. Other titles include "Average Bears."



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