Monday, August 28, 2006

Coffee House to Go - August 28, 2006

Coffee House to Go episode #15.

ESC! Magazine's monthly Podcast for writers and the Small Press community featuring readings of poetry, short fiction, interviews and reviews as well as featured music from independent bands and musicians.

Opening music excerpt by Uma Floresta, "Almost Everything."

ESC! Magazine News:

The 2nd episode of Coffee House to Go's Across the Mic with Charles Ries is now out. Stay subscribed for more great interviews.

Two new ways to get to our site.

Literary Quiz -- Do we keep running it?

Quality vs. Quantity which route should I take?

New RSS feed for PDF Edition of ESC! Magazine. Keep those e-mails and phone calls coming or visit our forums to discuss the show.


Wander Radio, Quark Soup by Magdalena Ball

Featured Podsafe Audio this episode:

Vanessa Peters and Ice Cream on Mondays "Little Films", Full Minute of Mercury"That Song (Is Stuck in My Head)"


Writely, What Should I Read Next, Bicycle Shop Murder, ELF, HarperCollins Book Browsing, Visible Verse 2006

For more information and complete links, visit our shownotes.

Closing music excerpt by Simpatico, "Santa Claudia"

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  • Lit Quizzes: Keep 'em coming. I just didn't want to keep piping in... there's that whole "if you've won the quiz in the last 90 days, sit on your hands" caution from one of my local NPR stations... I've just gotten used to doing that with anything where there's a contest... that said, I didn't know the coffin thing.

    By Blogger Brad P. from NJ, at August 31, 2006 at 10:26 AM  

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