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Coffee House to Go's Across the Mic - March 21, 2008 - Ellaraine Lockie

Episode #4 - Ellaraine Lockie

This is our podcast featuring discussions with upcoming and notable figures in the small press community including printers, publishers, bloggers and, of course, poets and writers.

In this episode, Mike speaks with poet Ellaraine Lockie.

Ellaraine's first love in literature is poetry, but she is also an avid traveler, essayist, workshop instructor and nonfiction book author. In addition to numerous awards and nominations for her writing, Ellaraine shares her love of the craft with up and coming poets through her work as a judge and sponsor of poetry contests, participation in mentoring programs, and through teaching workshops on poetry and the creative process in libraries, schools, community programs and writing groups.

Ellaraine's work can be found through a number of resellers and publishers:

All Because of a Button: Folklore, Fact and Fiction (Amazon Link)
The Gourmet Paper Maker (Amazon Link)

Finishing Lines - (Snark Publishing)
Blue Ribbons at the Country Fair - (PWJ Press)
Bear's Paw Poems - (SCW Publications)

The following titles are out of print, but can still be found on the Internet through select resellers:
Midlife Muse (Poetry Forum)
Coloring Outside the Lines (Plowman Press)
Crossing the Center Line (Sweet Annie Press)

(This interview was originally recorded as a Skype to landline call in February 2007.)

Producer's Note: You may notice the episode numbering is out of sequence. Recorded over a year ago, this discussion with Ellaraine Lockie was intended to be released as episode 4 of Across the Mic shortly after it was conducted. When Jack Hosley of Wander Radio offered an interview for the show in January, I jumped at the chance to bring it to you, but decided that, out of respect for Ellaraine, I would release the interview with Nathan Lowell as episode 5.

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