Monday, October 31, 2005

Take Note: It's Coffee House to Go!

Today was deadline day for ESC! Magazine. Always released in April and October, I was under the gun to get the latest issue complete and posted online before the clock chimed 12 -- lest I miss a release month for the first time since becoming a hybrid journal.

Throughout the day, however, I noticed a large number of comments on THIS blog. Much higher than I've ever gotten during a single afternoon in the past. It was curious, but since I was scrambling to complete ESC!, I was not able to take the time to think about why that might be other than perhaps someone linked to me from their blog.

By late afternoon I had finished ESC! (Not at ALL during the time I was supposed to be working for my paying job. Nope. Not at all...) and bopped over to to post about it while I made final revisions when I noticed on the home page of that the "Blog of Note" for the day was Getting a Leg Up. Getting a Leg Up for those who don't know is the blog for the Podcast of the same name, a Podcast produced in Taiwan by my good friend and 'Casting buddy Mark Forman. Mark founded the Disembodied Podcast Group of which Coffee House to Go is a member.

Anyway, I thought this was pretty cool, so I Skyped him to let him know:

CHTG – 14:42 – FYI: Went to blogger to log in today and GLU was listed as "Blogs of Note"

Fortunately, Skype allows for messages to go through to offline users so it's not unusual for us to have asynchronous conversations ... him being in Taiwan and all. So I went off and spent the evening dispensing candy to the goblins and ghouls of the neighborhood.

"Trick or Treat! Well, mostly treat..."

"Okay, here ya go ... wait. Mostly treat?? Not sure I like the sound of that."

"Well, maybe if you handed out full sized candy bars."

Bold little cusses ain't they?

So I'm off to bed when I see that Mark replied to my earlier message:

GLU – 21:15 – No shit

GLU – 21:15 – I mean no shit? Not no shit!

GLU – 21:20 – How weird is that that you're right below me? I never notice that section.

A brief asynchronous moment later, a confused Mike responds:

CHTG – 23:15 – Did CHTG show up on blogs of note?

GLU – 23:16 – You're fucking with me now - it was right below mine

GLU – 23:16 – go figure the odds on that

GLU – 23:17 – Are you pulling my Legup or what? (Okay, I laughed at that. I like a good pun.)

Now remember, I'm still looking at the home page. There's only one listed there at a time. So I clicked one of the clicky-arrows and saw "Coffee House to Go."

CHTG – 23:17 – That's weird. I just pulled it up and saw that. I didn't click any of the arrows before.

Again, you have to note that I'm thick enough to not have realized that we're looking at two different listings of the Blogs of Note.

GLU – 23:17 – What are the odds of something like that happening especially right next to each other

GLU – 23:18 – Freaky

CHTG – 23:18 – Pretty cool!

GLU – 23:18 – Yeah

So there it is. Coffee House to Go made the Blogs of Note!! That is really freakin' cool and ... slightly embarrassing since I haven't really posted anything on here since the last Podcast. So here you go, a little Coffee House to Go news until I can finish up the next 'cast this week.

Talk to you then!


I called out to Janet:

"Hey, I figured out why I've gotten so many more comments today than normal."

"Really, why?"

"I made Blogger's Blogs of Note."

"Cool!" (Janet is Ms. Blog around our house posting nearly every day to "So This Is Janet's Blog")

"But I didn't notice it until after I told Mark that he was on the home page. He told me that I was on there too. That's when I clicked the arrow and saw Coffee House to Go listed. See? Pretty cool huh?"

"It should be a list right there on screen."


"After you log in. You're not logged in."


"Log in."

type-ity – type-ity


"Scroll down. There. See?"

"Oh... heh, heh."



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